Flanking Sequence Tag Validator (FSTVAL)

We developed a first web tool, FSTVAL, to manage bulk flanking sequence tags. The FSTVAL automatically evaluate the FSTs and find best mapping position of the FST against genome sequence. For more information refer to the paper by Kim et al., FSTVAL: a new web tool to validate bulk flanking sequence tags. 2012. Plant Methods 8:19

Sample data download

File Upload

Upload FASTA format, FASTQ format or PHD format FSTs.

Sequence Type  

* FASTA format only

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* FASTQ format only

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Zip File(PHD format) * upload ZIP file including PHD format files only


Upload border sequences (ex. left or right border region from T-DNA), the adaptor sequence from adaptor-ligation PCR methods, and the binary vector sequence. ‘minimum sequence length(MSL)’ is also chosen for FSTs validation (default MSL is 30bp). * FASTA format only

Minimum Sequence Length(MSL)

* T-DNA(optional)

or select or upload

* Adaptor(optional)

or select or upload

* Vector(optional)

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